Problem: When I came on board the UI team, the product was in its first phase. It just launched 1.0. The guts and glory were on the table and now it was time to build from there. At the time, the team didn't have a designer, thus putting me on the team to try and help fix some of the problems. Solution: At the time, there was no assets or styleguide. The team would make wireframes, build and then push to master. It was a process but wasn't the best organized route. When I started, I would get these wireframes and design from there. It was designing on a micro level rather than a granular, scalable approach. I quickly realized we needed a styleguide. Not only visually, but in the front end so everyone would have requirements. We set rules that reflected my designs and plugged them into a code styleguide. For example, the team didn't need to type hex values, they would uses Saas to generate colors from the guide. This sped up building time not only for the team coding, but for me walking over to each desk describing pixel for pixel how a feature should look. It was fantastic. The following examples are just bits and pieces of the guide, but the logic is their.

Project Roles
Art Director, Artist, Designer, UX/IA Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, CSS, HTML, Sketch
UI Design, UX Designs, Visual Designs, Websites
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