Apsis is a mobile app I worked in summer 2015 for a client, where the main goal was to get people to find each other and hang out more and that I designed for iPhone and Apple Watch.
 The concept is based around map, where you start sharing your location for limited time and wait until someone with mutual interests joins you.

My goal was to come up with new visual design and branding part of the project, that were based around existing wireframes/concept from different designer. 

My and client worked closely on redoing the interface to utilize the latest technologies and come up with simple UI, that would work similarly to what Snapchat was doing at that time and divided to only three main sections - Map, Sharing and Chat. We were also using two sets of colours to divide the two parts of the app - hanging out (blue) and events (green), which were planned for version 2.0. –– My process included creation of InVision prototype, style guide and animation examples.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, UX/IA Designer
Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Sketch
Games - Mobile, Mobile Apps, UX Designs
Project Industries