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Chicken Fries Are Back

People tweeted. We listened. And brought back the internet's beloved Chicken Fries inspiring a movement online and off. People laughed, people cried tears of joy and people ran into stores. Over and over again. The results? Hundreds of thousands of #chickenfriesareback tweets in the first two days alone, 1,380,463,889 million media impressions,1.62 million social media impressions, 180,00 followers gained with favorable ratings for BK increasing by 66%. Burger King sales jumping for the first time in two years and a decision to keep on chicken fries as a permanent menu item. Ka-ching.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Advertising, Products - Digital, Social Media Content, Social Media Copy
Project Industries
Packaged Goods, Restaurant
Chicken Fries Are Back
Chicken Fries Are Back
Chicken Fries Are Back