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Honda: Off the Grid

The third and final installment of our interactive Honda work was released late 2011. Hands down, we'd have to say it was the best shoot of our lives. We took a 360º camera to some of the world's most amazing environments to create an experience inspired by Street View. We went off the edge of a cliff in Marble Canyon, through an underwater museum in the waters of Cancun, through one of the world's most amazing slot canyons, through a Neon museum in Vegas, into a previously unexplored ice cave in Alaska (still pinching myself on that one), and into the middle of a frozen lake on a glacier (a hairy experience to say the least). It got some lovely responses, including being named best interactive ad of the week on Head judge Andy Fleming (ECD of M&C Sydney) wrote... "With the sleepy voice of Garrison Keillor as a guide, you explore unusual locations with full 360 degree movement. It nails the concept of exploration whilst sucking about twenty minutes out of your day."

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360° Video, Copywriting
360° Video, Case Study Videos, Desktop Apps
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Honda: Off the Grid
Honda: Off the Grid
Honda: Off the Grid
Honda: Off the Grid