VISA Checkout Credit Offer

Visa Checkout tasked me with creating awareness for their Universal Credit Statement Offer using non-traditional, digital and social channels. Rather than promote the standard offer of a "$10 credit for new Visa Checkout enrollees," I incorporated Kickstarter and Tinder in an effort to create "digital buzz": "Pay It Forward" — Kickstarter With a wink and smile, I reinvented the standard enrollee offer by creating a Kickstarter campaign that flipped-the-script on donating. With a $1M cap, Visa's offer would award a $10 credit to the first 100,000 enrollees. Therefore, instead of asking for donations, Visa would donate $10 to whomever enrolled in Visa Checkout. "Score" In-App Advertising — Tinder Once again, we strove to utilize non-traditional social means to promote Visa Checkout's $10 credit offer to new enrollees — creating a humorous, tongue-in-cheek, in-app engagement to attract our older millennial demographic. The easier way to pay online presents an easier way to get "hooked-up." Using Tinder, I created a monetary version of Alexander Hamilton. Swiping right, would allow the user to enroll and receive their $10 credit.

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VISA Checkout Credit Offer
VISA Checkout Credit Offer