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Cloud by Daplie

Daplie is a tech startup I've been working on with friends Bryson Hill and AJ O'Neil. The aim of Daplie is to create products that empower users by championing digital rights. Daplie's first product is an in-home server called cloud designed to champion ownership. It takes all the things you love about cloud services and puts the power directly in the hands of the consumer. Rather than purchasing something like an album, then having to rent access to that album for a monthly fee, Daplie gives you the ability to purchase once and stream forever. And the best part is Cloud by Daplie is triple encrypted. That means only you have access to your data. You determine how it's used. No ads. No spying. No creepy stuff. So far we've made a splash on IndieGoGo and WeFunder where we just raised a combined total of over $800K. We've begun the manufacturing process with battle tested factor in China and we feel like streaming is just the tip of the iceberg.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Daplie, Inc
Copywriting, Creative Direction, Editing
Project Industries
Cloud by Daplie