DICK'S #8bitreplay Super Bowl '15

About a week before the Super Bowl, DICK'S Sporting Goods came to us and asked us if we could put together an engaging Super Bowl social campaign in very little time and for very little money. We agreed, and after a little bit of ideating, decided that we'd like to try to, in some fun or memorable way, re-create the best plays and moments from the game in real time, thus keeping our followers engaged with us throughout the entire game. Taking our demo (and our personal preferences as well as zero budget) into account, we decided to re-create them in classic old school video game style (think Tecmo Bowl). We created the players, field, end zones - really everything - from scratch, pre-designed roughly 75 possible scoring templates to hasten the process on game night, and fostered a bunch of account team concern. Ultimately, with a bunch of hustling during game time, ended up pulling this pretty ambitious endeavor off, to the delight of both our DICK'S clients and fans alike. Check it out for yourself.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
2D, Commercial, Conceptual, Content, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Digital, Low Budget, Management of Teams 1-10, Social, Sports
2D Animations, Social Media Content
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Retail, Sports