Rodan + Fields Convention 2015

Each annual convention for Rodan + Fields is meant to be the ultimate brand experience for thousands of consultants. The idea of the “Spark” branding was a way to personify the energy, inspiration and enthusiasm of the event, this one being held in Austin, Texas. The convention center itself was packed with excited consultants, so bright and clear directionals were key to avoiding confusing; as well as creating a flow around the larger areas with impactful ways to create more impactful yet intimate ways to showcase content. The stage also fit into the theme in an elegant yet exciting way, using sparkling motionography, branded graphic elements and creating depth through lit stairways and layered fabric details. I also produced an immersive experience outside the convention center by branding much of the downtown area, right down to the pedi-cabs.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer, Event Producer, Set Designer
Rodan + Fields
Art Direction, Conceptual, Design, Environments, Experiential, Management of Teams 1-10, Project Management
Branded Content, Events, Motion Graphics, Retail Designs, Set Designs, Social Media Content, Timelines, Treatments, Wayfinding
Project Industries
Beauty, Entertainment, Lifestyle
Rodan + Fields Convention 2015
Rodan + Fields Convention 2015