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SnooZzz App

A passion project at best. In 2015, I started the most exciting opportunity of them all—I became a mother. To put it simply, it is the most rewarding, self-aware, and exhausting "project" I've been privileged to take apart of—and I couldn't be more excited. Needless to say, sleep (or lack thereof) has been a major part of our recent lives and we knew it had to be easier than this. This is where SnooZzz came in—an on-the-go baby monitor that uses one of your devices (iPad or iPhone) as the "child" device, and the other as the "parent" device. By using your own personal devices to monitor your child’s sleep from another room, it makes traveling easier and more stress-free than ever before. SnooZzz provides parents with helpful information such as the recommended hours of sleep their child needs based on their age, an overview the child's nightly sleep movements, and a sound machine loaded with 50 different sounds. The application is a simple and compact way to give parents the ability to rest assured, knowing their little one is sleeping well.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Creative Direction, Design
App Design
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SnooZzz App
SnooZzz App
SnooZzz App
SnooZzz App