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Playing arts - 5 Clubs card

PLAYING ARTS : SPECIAL THE CONTEST Each contestant was asked to create an artwork for one particular card in his distinct style and technique. 537 artists from 67 different countries submitted their entries. 54 best artworks will form the new Playing Arts Special Edition deck. http://playingarts.com/en/special FIVE OF CLUBS My illustration is an interpretation of 5, number of human. (1 Head, 2 Hands and 2 feet) On the other hand, it can also be viewed as 3 (Number of men) + 2 (Number of women) I was enjoying work on both of the concept and the artwork a lot. Wishfully to be able to take part of this special deck. You can view my card here: http://playingarts.com/en/special/5-of-clubs-by-sasita-samarnpharb And for other artists in 5 of clubs card here : http://playingarts.com/en/special/vote/5-clubs

Project Roles
Playing Arts
Adobe Photoshop, Traditional / Hand-drawn
Project Industries
Playing arts - 5 Clubs card
Playing arts - 5 Clubs card