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Tall Tale

This is a personal illustration I created, inspired by my pigment-challenged rat, Pewter. He's the first animal I've had with albinism, and I realized that he experiences the world in a wholly different way than pigmented animals. His strange whitish coat, highly reflective eyes and his head bobbing (as a visual aid in spatial recognition) make him very unique and mysterious. These visual challenges, combined with his small stature, don't put him very high up on the group hierarchy of dominance. This illustration is a way for me to put him on par with powerful animals in myths and lore. In those tales, the animals' initial handicaps are counterbalanced by unique strengths — tigers imbued with camouflage and courage, dragons who are all-seeing and kitsune who are shapeshifters that hold the keys to granaries.

Project Roles
Adobe Photoshop, Traditional / Hand-drawn
Art, Illustrations
Tall Tale
Tall Tale