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Dolby Elements Trailer

The objective was to create a mesmerizing, cinematic film highlighting Dolby Cinema's technological advancements through their proprietary, laser guided Vision system and their Atmos Sound system which is comprised of an all encompassing surround sound. Regarding subject matter and visual style, we wanted to create a piece that would express the underlying math & science behind Dolby's technology while tying it to awe inspiring, natural moments from around the world. Little lines flow and form anything visual within the piece in an organic, energy filled manner. Each of the moments though are tied together seamlessly through the idea of a little "elemental" pixel.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Designer
Imaginary Forces
Conceptual, Design, Management of Teams 20+, VFX, Art Direction
3D Animations, Movie Trailers, Sound Designs, Visual Designs, Advertising
Project Industries
Dolby Elements Trailer