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World Oceans Day Poster and Brochure

From research to conception, my goal was to come up with a marketing campaign for World Oceans Day, which is an unofficial day celebrated annually across the globe with the intention of creating awareness of ocean health and hazards. After researching various ocean issues, I chose to base the campaign on overfishing and its potential to cause the collapse of all the world’s fisheries. To help people grasp the consequences of overfishing and place emphasis on the idea that our fish are slowly being erased from our oceans, I created the slogan, “Imagine A World Without Fish.” This idea was depicted in the form of a poster and animation where the type and graphics appear to be deteriorating. I also created an informational brochure utilizing an if/then statement further emphasizing the consequences of overfishing. The brochure explains what overfishing is, the role an average consumer has on overfishing and what they can do to help the cause.

Project Roles
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Content, Copywriting
World Oceans Day Poster and Brochure
World Oceans Day Poster and Brochure