CANON 'Story Beyond The Still'

Canon's 'The Story Beyond The Still' project won 2010 Cannes Gold, Silver and Bronze. The final film, with all 8 Chapters stitched together, was screened at Sundance Film Festival. The Story Beyond The Still contest page has all of the submitted videos, the finished film and the filmmaker forums. Click here to view the page. Working with the Pulitzer Prize winner photographer and Vimeo.com, we created the first ever user-generated HD film contest where photographers become directors and they look beyond the still. The contest, an 8 month program, was started by giving Vincent Laforet a single still photo which he interpreted in an HD video titled 'Cabbie'. Shooting with the Canon 5D, his film ends with another still, which is then passes onto the next film-maker to re-interpret, taking the story in a new direction. It's a social experiment in the world of film-making. An HD video chain letter with still photographs as the link.

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CANON 'Story Beyond The Still'
CANON 'Story Beyond The Still'
CANON 'Story Beyond The Still'
CANON 'Story Beyond The Still'