CASSANDRA Site Redesign

Cassandra evolved from a printed book to an iPad app, and now the web platform. Cassandra.co allows clients real-time access across devices to more content than ever before, and I helped develop the web platform from the beginning. I played an integral part during the rebranding by creating storyboards, wireframes and mockups necessary to guide the transition to a beautiful, user-friendly and creative website, which launched last October. We're currently in the process of conducting client interviews and rebranding to create an even better user experience on the web platform. Another large part of my role was to art direct each of the twelve article covers that were released four times a year. Some of these covers involve photoshoots I led while collaborating with designers and photographers, as well as others that involve graphic arts and illustrations that I designed and drew. I coordinated with our editorial, research and design teams to ensure that the art direction was consistent with the report content.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer, UX/IA Designer
Deep Focus
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Art Direction, Design, Digital
Advertising, Blog Templates, Editorial Writings, Infographics, UX Designs, Visual Designs, Websites, Wireframes
Project Industries
CASSANDRA Site Redesign
CASSANDRA Site Redesign
CASSANDRA Site Redesign