Fruit of the Loom: Plastique

Fruit of the Loom has been around for 160 years, and is famous for one thing: tighty whities. But it is actually a company of zealots who are constantly innovating stylish underwear. The brand itself just needed a fashion makeover. Enter a mercurial designer of undetermined accent, Frank La Rant. Inspired by Fruit’s new no-ride-up Boxer Briefs and their plastic testing pants, Frank launches a new line, Plastique. Seen from Rodeo Drive to SoHo, Plastique becomes a darling of the fashionista set. For about two weeks, until everybody figures out Fruit of the Loom was behind the whole thing. This campaign led to their first ever recognition at Cannes. Clear plastic = bronze lion.

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Creative Director
Fruit of the Loom
Copywriting, Creative Direction
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Fruit of the Loom: Plastique