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sedona chair

Sedona Chair The inspiration for this chair came from a brilliant sunset in Sedona, Arizona, where I traveled for a wedding. The prehistoric geological formations in the desert glowed a sublime orange and red when illuminated by the setting sun. This sparked my imagination for this chair. The bow shape of the seat back references the sunset over the horizon. The seeming simplicity of the design speaks to how nature can seem uncomplicated; the complex joinery required to achieve this simplicity speaks to the millions of years it took for the sandstone formations of Sedona to achieve their sculptural perfection. The design has been paired down to the fewest parts possible. The legs appear to flow right out of the arms while the seat hovers in between. Modified dovetail joints secure the legs to the arms in a seamless fashion for strength. Looks can be deceiving. Many manufacturers in the Northeast declined to create a prototype because the design was so complex. Realizing that the construction of the chair required a type of craftsmanship that gradually becoming antiquated, Zipperer decided contact a traditional early American Windsor chair maker who lived in a small town in the Pocono Mountains. Known for his meticulous joinery and hand shaping, the maker decided to take on the project due to the challenge of making this difficult design. Constructed of solid white Ash derived from a tree the maker cut down on his property, the end result is a beautiful marriage of skill and mastery. It is a modern design made by hand in small batches. The final stage of construction involved choosing a fabric for the seat. I tried a number of subtle, luxe textiles that made the design look like any other Scandinavian modern chair. I realized I had to do something bolder, so I chose cowhide as a material. It adds a living warmth and unique texture to the cool ash.

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sedona chair
sedona chair