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Wyoming Travel Pitch Campaign

No other state in the West—or America, for that matter—can lay claim to this legendary symbol. Who’s the cowboy in “Bucking Horse & Rider”? That mythical figure locked in a battle of wills with something refusing to be tamed? That all depends on who you ask. And that’s the lure of this enduring symbol: Anybody can be the cowboy. And plenty of things in Wyoming are all too willing to be the bucking horse. In other words, this is a state that will try like heck to buck you off. But, oh, the reward if you can hang on. Grab those reins tight. Hang on. Fall down. Get back up. Try again. Because in this state, in this Wyoming, you don’t just take a vacation. You take a hard look at yourself. And you decide if you want to be a spectator of the West. Or if you want to be the rider. Be the Rider.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director
J. Walter Thompson
Billboards, Interactive Videos, Magazines, Social Media Content
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Wyoming Travel Pitch Campaign