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Furniture Fellowship

What if someone gave you a hand to put together your recently bought Ikea furniture in exchange for a friendship? I had just arrived in Sweden I had no idea how to make friends. I quickly realized how big the IKEA store was there, and I thought, what if I helped the Swedes build their furniture in exchange for my friendship? I recorded a video inviting people to add me on Facebook in exchange for a little help with the furniture. For 2 months I didn't put any furniture together, but I did win friends for life. People engaged in the conversations and rained invitations of friendship, dinners and outings. It had more than 100 thousand shares. I was invited to speak on national radio and, the project made the top news in Sweden, Lithuania and the Philippines.

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Conceptual, Interactive, Live Action
Project Industries
Furniture Fellowship
Furniture Fellowship