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Nowhere better than Time Square to put the idea to adopt a dog or cat. Bideawee approached me to develop an adoption awareness campaign, with a Times Square billboard as the crown jewel of the campaign. Our K9 Model was a Shih Tzu named Henry, who won the job through a donation by his dad. I worked with The Dogist to shoot a series of images of Henry proudly walking down a New York street. Then animated the stills to create a playful video. The message had to be simple to cut through the chaos of Times Square. The motion graphics of the simple message that "Life is Better with a Dog or Cat", echoed the playfulness that one feels when dog or cat becomes part of their family. The best part was adoption shot up during the billboard's run in Time Square. Lucky dogs and cats!

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Copywriter
Art Direction, Commercial, Conceptual, Film, Integrated, Live Action, Management of Teams 1-10, Motion, Producing
Advertising, Commercials - Video, Photography
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