Oppenheimer Funds — Invest in a Beautiful World Campaign

FCS Awards Best in Show Winner (24 Awards) Gold Medals: Digital Media, B2B, Display Rich Media, Mobile, Web Video and Integrated Media Our clients at OppenheimerFunds knew that traditional doom-and-gloom tactics were overused and underperforming in the world of finance. Who really wants to hear about risk without reward? Our team knew that to be disruptive, we had to dial down the fear mongering and amp up the optimism. Invest In a Beautiful World championed positivity, reframing how people approach investment strategies. Our vision was to foster creativity, curiosity and spontaneity in the financial category through ads targeted at both financial advisors and investors alike. Both have very different need sets. Financial advisors are looking for funds that seem promising and need to communicate the finer details to their clients. And independent investors are just looking for the next big thing. In order to create ads that were informative and catchy, I had to study up on my financial terms — and quick. My creative director joked that he'd never seen me so invested in investments. Every day I'd ditch my Vogue magazine at the door and read the Financial Times cover to cover. In doing so, I quickly brushed up on the differences between bear and bull market, what a mutual fund was, and what exactly financial advisors really did between Four Seasons lunches and suit tailorings. Then I put my research to the test. I sat down and wrote seven poetic scripts for each fund manager, translating their financial jargon into layman’s terms. However, once on set, our team realized the tremendous impact we might have by handing the mic to the fund managers themselves and allowing them to wax rhapsodic about how they built their beautiful investments. The rest is history.

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Copywriting, Scripting, Storyboarding
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Advertising, Finance
Oppenheimer Funds — Invest in a Beautiful World Campaign
Oppenheimer Funds — Invest in a Beautiful World Campaign
Oppenheimer Funds — Invest in a Beautiful World Campaign