eBay Microinteractions

eBay China already has a robust mobile web presence, but they felt their product was lacking in terms of motion. The app is fast, secure, and well engineered but it felt static, especially compared to other Chinese eCommerce websites. I collaborated with the team at DesignMap to breathe life into the eBay mobile web UI by extending their 'Fill Your Cart With Color' brand language and creating animated ReactJS components. 3 main goals of the project were: -Guide users along the funnel of purchasing an item using motion -Develop an eBay branded style of motion -Deliver ReactJS components using pure CSS animations

Project Roles
Front-End Developer, Motion Designer, UI Designer
Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Sketch
2D Animations, App Design, Software
Project Industries
Software, Technology
eBay Microinteractions
eBay Microinteractions