The Game of Adetokunbo

People from multiple cultures often compromise their names. To fit in, assimilate, or because it feels “easier” than correcting someone. But when we change our names, we change the cultures and identities they represent. WhatsApp wanted to invite its billions of global users to celebrate all their names and cultures. So, we brought together two cross-cultural icons to talk shit, talk cultures, and play a game of HORSE with a cultural twist. With little paid media, The Game of Adetokunbo launched during NBA's All-Star Weekend and generated 10 million views (and counting!)

Project Roles
Copywriter, Creative Director
Celebrity, Comedy, Commercial, Conceptual, Content, Documentary, Film, Humor, Low Budget, Storyboarding, Copywriting, Strategy
Advertising, Branded Content, Commercials - Video, Documentaries, Short Films, Viral Films, Unscripted TV, Campaigns, Film/TV Credits
The Game of Adetokunbo