The EsophaCrew: EoE Disease Awareness

People with trouble swallowing were confused, concerned, and frustrated by a lack of helpful resources. The Adventures of the EsophaCrew disease awareness website was created to help people recognize potential symptoms of Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) and talk to their doctors. The goal was to empower people to seek answers and find a specialist. This 360 campaign uses the friendly animated characters of the EsophaCrew to introduce EoE in an approachable way. ​Within a month of its launch, the website ( saw outstanding performance metrics, far outpacing the category in page views and duration. The campaign also garnered 15 industry awards from 6 separate award shows in 2021 and 2022. This engaging and educational website illustrates life with EoE and provides helpful resources like third-party links for patient support, an e-newsletter sign-up, a downloadable brochure, links to patient advocacy groups, and a doctor discussion guide with EoE lingo. Three animated videos highlight three distinct topics: disease awareness, common workarounds, and the importance of getting a proper diagnosis. Each video encourages people who may be experiencing EoE symptoms to see a doctor and get diagnosed. Check out the live site at:

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The EsophaCrew: EoE Disease Awareness
The EsophaCrew: EoE Disease Awareness
The EsophaCrew: EoE Disease Awareness