My Magic Number

"My Magic Number" is a multimedia drag performance piece–featuring the Club Domani remix of the song of the same title by Daddy Squad–created for my Live Video Performance Art class final project. The visuals were produced using a combination of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects, projected using MadMapper, and edited using Adobe Premiere Pro. All rights to the song belong to Daddy Squad, Club Domani, and their respective parties. This project was created solely for educational purposes, and uses the song in accordance with Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director, Director, Content Producer, Producer, Artist, Illustrator, Motion Designer, Designer, Editor (Film/TV)
2D, After Effects, Conceptual, Design, Editing, Adobe Illustrator, Lighting, Mixed Media, Motion, Post-Production, Adobe Premiere Pro, Creative Direction, Storyboarding
2D Animations, Motion Graphics, Music Videos, Projection Mapping, Personal Project, Themed Environments, Installations
My Magic Number