DANCE IT OUT! is an experiential audiovisual installation conceptualized and created in a four-week timeframe with the intention of providing an environment that encourages the engagement and expression of dance. Given the restrictions on concerts, clubs, and other dance-oriented events due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to create an experience that would supplement for that absence of opportunity to engage in those experiential environments–allowing for viewers to indulge in an experience that would provide them the opportunity to dance it out. Whether taking center stage and facing the lights or watching your shadow dance on the wall along with the projected visuals, there is no wrong way to express yourself in this installation. Dance is something that can be experienced and expressed through the most animated of movements, the most reserved of movements, and/or anything in between–no matter how you want to express yourself, there is no wrong way to dance! Special thanks to Elle Hong, Brittney Banaei, and Donna Mejia for taking the time to share their love of dance with me in my project. The music used is MYB by Oliver, and was used solely for the educational purpose of this project–all rights for the music are reserved to Oliver and their respective entitites.

Project Roles
Director, Content Producer, Producer, Artist, Motion Designer, Set Designer, Designer, Project Manager
2D, After Effects, Conceptual, Design, Environmental, Experiential, Fabrication, Adobe Illustrator, Mixed Media, Music, Adobe Premiere Pro, Creative Direction, Storyboarding
2D Animations, Interactive Installations, Motion Graphics, Projection Mapping, Environmental Design, Themed Environments, Installations