Vimeo Couch Mode

Vimeo Couch Mode was initially designed and developed for the launch of the original Google TV. The application was built as a web application that was navigable via directional controls, but was also developed to allow interaction via keyboard/mouse and touch controls, and was accessible both on the desktop TV devices as well as the web and mobile devices. The goal was to create an immersive application that allowed for deep exploration within an uninterrupted video playback experience. It also played the foundation for the technology that would later be integrated in the Vimeo Video Player, allowing for a seamless transition from Flash to HTML5 video within a single player, based on device/browser capabilities.

Project Roles
Back-End Developer, Designer, Developer, Front-End Developer, UX/IA Designer
Back-End Development, CSS, Design, Front-End Development, HTML, JavaScript, TV
App Design, Product Designs, Prototypes, UI Design, UX Designs, Web Apps
Project Industries
Entertainment, Media
Vimeo Couch Mode
Vimeo Couch Mode
Vimeo Couch Mode
Vimeo Couch Mode