Marcel is an internal tool for Publicis Groupe, one of the largest advertising and marketing agencies in the world. The tool is intended to help connect the 100,000+ employees all around the world to enable communication, collaboration, and productivity in ways previously not possible. I joined the Marcel team in August 2018 as a UX designer, a couple of months before launch of the 1.0 version of the product. In the course of my 4 years working on Marcel, the product went through many iterations and redesigns, and my role expanded to UX Lead – owning various headlining features in the product and working with visual designers, PMs, and developers to deliver core features and value to users and stakeholders alike. Marcel was born out of the desire to break down the knowledge silos that inevitably exist in a large multinational organization. The product is intended to democratize the organization as a whole and create a transparent environment for the 100k+ employees worldwide going forward, solving for a data-availability problem while also enhancing the Groupe ⇄ employee experience. I began my time working on Marcel as a Sr. UX Designer helping wrap up the final batches of features before launch of the 1.0 version. This role quickly evolved to a UX Lead role, where I oversaw many different core features of Marcel and guided the design through UX, visual design, and QA for delivery. In my 4 years with the team, I played a significant part of 2 foundational redesigns, moving from a conversational, voice-based framework to a more traditional UI pattern. For the last year or two at Marcel, I primarily oversaw three core features – Communities, Classes, and Workspace. Communities was a product feature intended to connect employees around the Groupe around commonalities, whether it was location-based (e.g. the USA Community), home agency-based (e.g. a single agency’s Community), or interest-based (e.g. the Egalité employee resource group). Classes was a feature that leverage LinkedIn learning courses as well as Publicis Groupe’s internal courses for employees, creating a centralized home for employee learning on the Marcel platform. Lastly, Workspace was a semi-separate internal platform that allowed employees worldwide to book desks, workspaces, and meeting rooms for themselves and their teams, accounting for the Covid-reality of hybrid workspaces.

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