Sound Design Reel

From recording luxury cars screeching around racetracks, recording gurgles and burps for beer ads, or sculpting SciFi soundscapes on modular synthesizers, I’ve had a wide range of experience inventing filmic worlds of sound. With music as our initial focus at Robot Repair, we often encouraged our clients to merge music & sound effects. A car engine changes in pitch just as any other musical instrument does. We call this “tonal sound design” where the tones found within the film environment are precisely paired with musical notes used in the score. As Co-founder & creative director at Robot Repair, I was involved in all aspects of production, from recording on set / location, sourcing pre-recorded sounds, composing and integrating SFX with music, and directing teams at various points in the process.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Sound Designer, Sound Engineer
Management of Teams 1-10, Creative Direction, Mnemonics, Musical Effects, Sound Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Logic Pro
Advertising, Art, Brand Films, Commercials - Video, Documentaries, Experimental Films, Games - Console, Games - VR, Interactive Installations, Interactive Videos, Movie Trailers, Music Videos, Podcasts, Short Films, Social Media Content, Sound Designs, Sound Mixing, UX Designs, Virtual Reality, Branding, Brand Identity
Sound Design Reel