Music Creative Direction Reel

As Co-founder & Creative Director of Robot Repair Music + Sound, I composed original music for commercials, film, video games, and visual artists. With co-founder Doug Darnell we built a team of staff composers and a large network of freelance artists. We created a collection of 4000 tracks and represented a collection of bands and solo artists for licensing music to top global brands. We worked closely with our clients developing these music projects, sometimes just providing original music but often brought on as partners playing a deeper role in the creative development of the campaigns. The following is some of our favorite work over the years.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Composer, Music Producer, Sound Engineer
Conceptual, Management of Teams 1-10, Music, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Logic Pro
Brand Films, Commercials - Video, Experimental Films, Feature Length Films, Games - Console, Interactive Installations, Movie Trailers, Short Films, Social Media Content, Sound Designs, Commercials - Broadcast, Music, Campaigns, Podcasts
Music Creative Direction Reel