Bud Light: Go With The Flow

It was a long pandemic. Everyday annoyances seemed to get harder and harder to ignore, ultimately leading to many of us standing breathless over the shattered remains of our favorite coffee mug in pieces on the floor and feebly screaming why?! over and over again into the emotionless void that is the face of a cat staring back at us. Y’know, that old Sprinkles. Luckily, we had Bud Light Seltzer. Crisp, refreshing, and exactly what you need to take the edge off. In this spec campaign, no matter what you find waiting at home, Bud Light Seltzers help you go from “OH NO!” to “Just go with the flow.” In this campaign, I worked directly with the director to create this concept as the lead creative and writer. We pitched it to a production house that loved the idea so much that they financed our production for this spec Bud Light campaign. 2022 The Telly Awards Silver Winner in Non-Broadcast: Comedy Silver Winner in Non-Broadcast: Writing Silver Winner in Non-Broadcast: Directing

Project Roles
Art Director, Director
Personal Project
360° Video, Cinematography, Conceptual
360° Video
Project Industries
Advertising, Beer
Bud Light: Go With The Flow