Make a better connection - webafrica

Webafrica wanted to push 3 product benefits of their services. But that didn’t sound like fun. So, we personified the attributes that make webafrica who they are. We introduced 3 unlikely characters, Reliable, Affordable and Fast and created a series of online films that figuratively represent the world of the internet… literally. And because these ads are skippable, we made sure the messaging was delivered in the first 3 seconds, in the slim chance you didn’t want to watch the wackiness until the end. To make sure these didn’t become too boring over time, we hid easter eggs all over the set. Have a closer look and see what ‘internety’ things you can find. We further rolled out the campaign with a series of six second insta-stories and a host of other collateral.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director
Art Direction, Copywriting, Creative Direction
Project Industries
Advertising, Technology