Logitech "Defy Logic" Brand Campaign

There’s a good chance there’s a Logitech product in arm’s reach of you now, you might just not be aware of it. The brand had been exceedingly functional, modestly behaved, with perceptions perfectly neutral. Even with the favorable tailwinds from the creator economy, gaming, and work from home shifts, the brand was being outspent and out of mind. As the head of strategy for the business, we built a new brand platform called “Defy Logic,” celebrating and empowering those uniting under a common philosophy of challenging the status quo, rewriting the new logic of tomorrow, and in turn Defying Logic in every facet of culture. We re-tooled our entire go-to-market strategy, defying convention from within. We re-imagined new KPIs, defined new audiences, created new marketing pillars, re-built comms and media plans, developed new talent and partnership strategies, set new brand guidelines, and changed how agency partnership models. Launching with a brand anthem and series of story-doing moments.

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Brand Strategy, Content Strategy, Creative Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Media Strategy, Social Media Strategy , Strategy
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