Nike NYC x Puerto Rico

Culture is everything for Puerto Ricans in New York City or Puerto Rico. So for athletes of Puerto Rican descent — like Jasmine Camacho-Quinn or Nicky Nieves — no matter the arena, the ambition is always to celebrate culture while dominating the biggest stages. Written & Directed by Zack Grant Co-Director - Jose Melendez Producer - Rodney Byerson DP - Daniel Vignal Photographer - Alfred Marroquin 1st AC - Shaun Malkovich 2nd AC - Jade Brennan Steadicam - Franz Brun DIT - Percio Luciano PD - Izabelle Garcia Art Assistant - Luis Seda Stylist - Julian Antetomaso, Jimi Urquiaga HMU - Ester Rojas, Natalia Carter First AD - Shawn McLaughlin Production Manager - Aaron Argomido Production Coordinator - Christina Krioutchkova PA: Victor DeCastro Key Grip - Larry Schuler BBG - Lucien Raffaele Grip - Rob Watt Gaffer - Mitch Perrin BBE - Joe Albino Sound - Carlton Lester Casting - Jonathan Buckley Editor - Sebastian Jimenez Colorist - Ana Escorse / Studio Feather Audio Mixer - Evan Mangiamele / Heard City Online/Finishing - Marika Litz Creative Studio - 2020land EP - Zack Grant Production Partner - Aguita EPs - Veronica Leon, Yamel Thompson

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