Hims, a men’s tele-health e-commerce platform, grew its online revenue 200% year over year in 2019 by tapping into its core target audiences' preferences and needs to build a successful male wellness brand. We were tasked with helping drive strategy, consumer marketing, growth marketing and user acquisition at significantly lower customer acquisition costs (CAC) year over year. Advertising costs add up fast when you’re a D2C brand; to minimize expenses we ran Facebook and Google Search Ads with a rapid A/B testing approach. Hyper-focused on the millennial market, we developed buyer personas every two weeks to inform all ad messaging, content and creative decisions. We then rapid tested 100-200 ad variations every week, pausing anything with CTR below 0.04% regardless of time being live rotating in new variations to test against top performing ads. Buyer personas also led decision-making in custom micro-site landing pages used only for paid ads driving users to specific pages targeted against what they were searching for or likely most interested in. Taking the time to develop that kind of relationship with the consumer allowed Hims to become the fast-selling men’s brand that same year.

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Copywriter, Marketer
Creative Direction, Social, Social Media Strategy
Advertising, Websites
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