Under the eCOMMERCE Team, I work as Jr. Art Director for DIRECTV (formerly AT&T). I am responsible for the end-to-end delivery of creative projects, with an emphasis on visual solutions utilizing the Adobe Suite of creator tools. I’m also responsible for the consistent development and execution of an evolving digital space thus driving forward successful objectives and campaigns. I am responsible for creating and developing designs and working with the business owner and implementation team to get web pages built and launched. We work on various marketing campaigns while maintaining the quality of the brand Recently, my team and I launched a redesign of DIRECTV site as well as launching the new DIRECTV Stream platform. The new design vastly improved the website and targets a younger demographic to compete with other streaming services. My role in this was to take the new assets and direction and implement it across the site. It was exciting to experience this launch from beginning to end. After the redesign launched my role became maintaining and updating the site as campaigns change.

Project Roles
Art Director
Adobe Photoshop, Brand Management
Project Industries
Advertising, Entertainment