PINK Nation Horoscopes

No one knows what the future holds… except for the PINK Nation app. At VSPINK, the marketing department came to my team to conceptualize an evergreen feature for the “Fun” tab of the app – something that would keep our customer coming back to check for fresh new content other than our usual offers and product galleries. In our current astrologically-obsessed moment, I thought monthly horoscopes would be our best bet. I worked closely with the UX and copy teams to devise the design solution, an interactive zodiac wheel with four separate categories of predictions for each sign, all in a dreamy iridescent color palette. Users can access their sign and swipe through to learn what’s in store in their campus life, friendships, style, and what their (very officially forecasted) power emoji of the month will be. The “Style” section also proved to be a marketing opportunity to list a fashion must-have, directing users to a product page on the PINK website.

Project Roles
Art Director, Designer
Victoria's Secret PINK
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Conceptual, Illustration, Interactive
App Design, Interaction Designs
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PINK Nation Horoscopes
PINK Nation Horoscopes
PINK Nation Horoscopes
PINK Nation Horoscopes