Conoco Choose Go & Campaign Revamp

In 2018 I worked on the relaunch of the brand, providing a fresh strategy for a new creative campaign. Our target audience, largely Millennial men who are naturally socially connected and digitally savvy, wanted to lead an adventurous and fun life but often found themselves couch-locked. Our young, digital-native audience had been sucked into the digital world, choosing virtual experiences over real ones, which was leaving them feeling alone and bored. And it is, of course, in a gas brand’s interest to get people out and about, actually going places. The insight that “couch culture” was killing the target audience inspired the new campaign “Choose Go.” We also identified a massive white space in terms of tone - realizing that competing gas brands sounded either big, corporate and serious or quirky (in a bad way), cheesy and unprofessional. The “Choose Go” campaign was chock full of zany social content that reminded our audience that there’s actually a world out there, waiting to be explored. All you have to do is fuel up, and Choose Go. The campaign embraced the voice and culture of young men and focussed on inspiring action. Five months after the Conoco “Choose Go” campaign launched, sales rose 6%, with key markets enjoying growth between 12% and 17%. In 2022 the brand wanted to continue the existing campaign “Choose Go,” while shifting to a younger demographic, Gen Z (a decision driven by their own internal audience segmentation, which wasn’t up for debate), and refreshing the creative. Instead of a singular strategic platform, I presented insights as lenses to reevaluate and interpret “Choose Go." The campaign interpreted through the lens of the experiences of the Gen Z audience became“An Ode To Go” as the next evolution of “Choose Go.”

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Conoco Choose Go & Campaign Revamp