PMI Professional Awards Gallery (Virtual)

PMI's Professional Awards recognize notable achievements in the world of project management. Typically presented yearly as a ceremony at one of the Institute's gatherings, a transition to a series of virtual events beginning in 2020 created a need for a new and innovative medium. We created an immersive, interactive 3D gallery experience for the web, honoring award winners with the gravitas of a work of art. Slickly produced highlight videos and narrated audio guides enhance the gallery experience.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Creative Technologist, Designer, Developer, Front-End Developer
3D, 3D Generalist, Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Creative Direction, CSS, Design, Digital, Environmental, Environments, Exhibit Design, Exhibition Design, Exhibition Graphics, Experience Design, Experiential, Front-End Development, GSAP, JavaScript, NodeJS, Three.js, WebGL
3D Animations, App Design, Corporate Events, Events, Interaction Designs, Products - Digital, Themed Environments, UX Designs, Web Apps, Websites
Project Industries
PMI Professional Awards Gallery (Virtual)
PMI Professional Awards Gallery (Virtual)
PMI Professional Awards Gallery (Virtual)