MassMutual Dreams

South Asian communities are built on the idea of shared experiences and interdependence. A theme that fits seamlessly with ‘Live Mutual’, the guiding principle around which we created our campaign for MassMutual. As one of the oldest financial institutions in the country, MassMutual understood the importance of community and wanted to build a relationship with South Asians in the United States. For us, the connection was obvious. Yet, financial services also remains one of the most woefully male dominated segments across all industries. So we decided to create one of the first financial campaigns based entirely on women entrepreneurs and business owners, which also included a women-led crew on set and a women-directed creative at the agency. Reema Rasool, a real-life Pashmina business owner and her unwavering bonds with her family became the focus of our storytelling, as we encouraged South Asian women to gain greater control of their finances. Far from your typical girl-boss.

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Mass Mutual
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MassMutual Dreams
MassMutual Dreams
MassMutual Dreams