Intuition State Farm

State Farm, the largest P&C insurance provider in the market was looking to expand into the pan-Asian market, while maintaining the integrity of their central brand message “Here to Help Life Go Right”. Focusing on the new-home owning, tech-forward, bilingual millennials, they came to us to create a campaign that spoke to them authentically, without trafficking in the stereotypes that tend to center around the portrayal of Asian Americans. If there was one thing we knew about South Asian millennials, it was that family comes first and moms know everything. The spot featured a plucked from real life scenario of a young couple with visiting parents, and the ‘human connection’ of a real State Farm agent, who is just a phone call away.

Project Roles
Creative Director
State Farm
Conceptual, Copywriting, Creative Direction, Creative Research, Humor, Language: Hindi, Management of Teams 1-10, Multi-cultural, Social
360° Video, Billboards, Branding, Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Video, Photography
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Intuition State Farm
Intuition State Farm
Intuition State Farm