WeTransfer - Please Leave

WeTransfer was launching a new suite of creativity tools designed to simply and beautifully help you get your ideas down and get you back to your offline life–where more inspiration can strike. We decided the perfect message was: Get outta here. More specifically—Welcome To WeTransfer. Please Leave. I wrote a poetic thought experiment and we created a film out of it, voiced by author Roxane Gay. We also built a full brand campaign around effortless rhymes that mimicked the intuitive simplicity inherent in WeTransfer’s new line of tools. We called them Tools to Move Ideas.WeTransfer was the conduit to the root of creativity: being present in your own life. So we invited everyone to Please Leave.

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Copywriter, Creative Director
Copywriting, Creative Direction
Campaigns, Commercials - Broadcast, Commercials - Video
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Advertising, Technology
WeTransfer - Please Leave