Girls Who Code x Doja Cat

Teenage girls have 100 things on their mind other than coding, and Doja Cat is like 99 of them. To help introduce girls to the possibilities of code, we teamed up with Doja Cat to create the first ever codeable music video. Viewers can act as the creative director of the video, changing nail colors, adding flowers, and adjusting the landscape—all by writing introductory CSS, Javascript, and Python. The project is an effort to inspire more women to pursue computer science as a career, and move one step closer to closing the gender disparity & pay gap in STEM.

Project Roles
Art Director, Creative Director
Mojo Supermarket
Art Direction, Conceptual
Interactive Videos, Microsites, Music Videos, Websites
Project Industries
Music, Technology
Girls Who Code x Doja Cat
Girls Who Code x Doja Cat
Girls Who Code x Doja Cat