No Going Back - TD Ameritrade thinkorswim

Commercial for the TD Ameritrade Thinkorswim platform. I was brought in late but early enough to improve the concept of this commercial before final approval. Originally they wanted to show a Wall Street bro running on a treadmill and burning calories, etc. Good thing we changed that. There’s way too many commercials of people sweating on stationary bikes. As an actual user of the Thinkorswim platform myself, I’m happy that we changed the concept to show how the platform changes you mentally, instead of physically. The insight here, which I can relate to personally as a Thinkorswim user, is to show how it improves you as a trader. And, it doesn’t just change you. It will literally change your home also. I’m up to three desktop monitors now and considering getting a fourth. Your library of books will expand, like mine did. You will wake up early every day from Monday to Friday, super ready for the opening bell, like me. You’ll research through all the news resources, newspapers, and you’ll be aware of all the international markets ticking throughout the world’s time zones. You’ll be more in tune with world news and economic events than ever before and you’ll learn to trade in ways you’ve never thought possible. The Thinkorswim experience doesn’t just grow your investment portfolio. It helps YOU grow as a trader. Welcome to the next evolution of you. Director: Christian Bevilacqua ECD: Pete Gosselin CCO: Dan Lucey Agency: Havas NY Prod Co: Psyop

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No Going Back - TD Ameritrade thinkorswim