DoorDash: Local Flavor - T Brand Studio

Restaurants have always been the lifeblood of New York — and that has never been clearer than it is now. When we were shut in and shut down, they stepped up, preparing the delicious foods that sustained us throughout the long months of the pandemic. They did this under challenging circumstances, adapting to changing protocols and supporting their staffs, often with declining bottom lines. Restaurants give us something more than just food. They remind us that the great strength and the great joy of New York City lies in its diversity — of its culinary options and its residents. Today and every day, we salute that diversity, united in our love of New York and its many local flavors. With partners like DoorDash, these dedicated professionals continue to spread the love across the city, one meal at a time. ‍ To celebrate the world-renowned food of New York City, we’re profiling iconic restaurants — plus one spot for sweets — across many neighborhoods, starting with (where else?) the borough of Manhattan.

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DoorDash: Local Flavor - T Brand Studio
DoorDash: Local Flavor - T Brand Studio
DoorDash: Local Flavor - T Brand Studio