MoMA: Automania

A type mechanism drives a campaign for an exhibition with mixed messages. The exhibition, at the Museum of Modern Art, Automania, addresses the conflicted feelings—compulsion, fixation, desire, and rage—that developed in response to cars and car culture in the 20th century. Featuring cars in the sculpture garden and a gallery exhibition inside the museum, Automania contextualizes the car as both a visually compelling subject and as one with an adverse affect on culture. The campaign revolves around a type mechanical that cycles through evocative words like an index. The motion reinforces a monolithic hierarchy, connecting the conflicted feelings—compulsion, fixation, desire, and rage—with the exhibition’s title, “Automania”. The words are paired with photographs of the cars, either featured in full view as objective specimens, or as close details with more tension. Client leads: Rob Baker Director of Marketing and Creative Strategy Rebecca Stokes Director of Marketing Campaigns and Audience Engagement Elle Kim Associate Creative Director Damien Saatdjian Art Director Kevin Ballon Senior Designer Carolyn Kelly Writer/Editor Emily Bahret Production Assistant Ashley Edwards Design Operations Manager

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Motion Designer
Design, Motion
2D Animations, Advertising, Billboards, Campaigns, Events, Motion Graphics
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