Entertainment Partners

How do you build on your legacy as you evolve your offerings to further transform the business of entertainment? Entertainment Partners has been Hollywood’s production partner for decades. With the disruption caused by new studio competitors and new behaviors in content consumption, they needed to reimagine their own brand and service offerings. After months of research and strategic reports, we needed to get them out of decks and into tangible examples of what the brand could become. Entertainment Partners needed to believe in where our new brand platform could take them and push critical initiatives into market. These creative provocations fueled the rapid activation of a new brand voice, an updated visual style, and a fully redesigned digital presence for Entertainment Partners.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Strategist
entertainment partners
Brand Management, Brand Strategy, Consulting, Creative Direction, Design Strategy, Management of Teams 10-20, New Business, User Research
Branding, Websites
Project Industries
B2B, Entertainment
Entertainment Partners