Water brands have been selling the benefits of hydration to select groups only, but hydration is essential for everyone, not just pro-athletes, super models and celebrities. So we repositioned Essentia by moving away from an overcrowded marketing space to the big and broad emotional universe of overachieving at life - we brought hydration to the masses by connecting with our human desire to always perform at our best, showing up where overachievers do their overachieving and we turned Essentia into a brand that inspires and actually enable millions to reach their full potential. In the process we did some overachieving ourselves. After the campaign was launched, the retail sales increased 59%, convenience store sales increased 137% and Essentia became the #3 premium water in the U.S. in overall sales in a little more than two years.

Project Roles
Creative Director
Essentia Water
Creative Direction, Design, Management of Teams 1-10
Billboards, Branding, Commercials - Video, Posters, Film/TV Credits, Scripted TV
Project Industries
Packaged Goods, Beverage