Whoop Unlocked

In 2021, Whoop had their biggest update yet, the Whoop 4.0. The all-new hardware and software updates allow their members to track even more of their personal health data and introduced new metrics to better understand personal performance progresses. In order to launch this virtually during the pandemic we help Whoop create a 1-hour show that featured Whoop CEO Will Ahmed as the keynote speaker presenting inside a virtual space. We created custom content and recorded celebrity interviews to add to the show as well as a curated live-demo that was performed live by Will himself.

Project Roles
Creative Director, Motion Designer
Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Art Direction, Creative Direction, Figma, Film, Post-Production
App Design, Branding, Environmental Design, Film Editing, Interactive Installations, Motion Graphics, Presentations, Set Designs, Sound Designs, Video Installations, Visual Designs
Project Industries
Hardware, Lifestyle, Software, Sports, Technology, Virtual Reality
Whoop Unlocked