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Nike - Ready to Run NYC

Everyone knows that people walk fast AF in New York. They’re the fastest walkers in the U.S. and the 8th fastest walkers in the world. They’re so fast, they’re practically running. But, even then, most New Yorkers don’t consider themselves “runner-runners.” To prove that they are, Nike NYC created five vignettes — released just in time for the New York City Marathon. Featuring real, everyday New Yorkers, each video touched on true-to-life stories about the typical work rush, beating a crosswalk, hustling, squeezing everything into one day, and seeing every side of the city. At the height of marathon week, Nike NYC released one more piece: an anthem video featuring the fastest marathoner in the world and the first runner to break 2 — Kipchoge. In it, he weaved all five stories together with a simple message: “If you’re in New York, you’re a runner. Even if you don’t know it yet.”

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